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Encourage a dynamic of change
by using Nudge and Eco-branging

Well-thought communication can change behaviours.

Our mission is to encourage a dynamic of change
by using Nudge and Eco-branding.
Using impactful design and communication,
we aim to demonstrate how behaviors can change in
sustainable and social ways in organizations of all sectors.

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Act for Good

Nudge is a gentle persuasion process
to influence a good decision or action.

Nudge concept is the way to think
relevant design solutions.

Applied to marketing and management,
we are nudge lovers for planet and positive impact.

Less is win

A brand-less technique to reduce what we can avoid linked to graphic design.
By using Eco Branding, the goal is to reduce printing costs and decrease digital pollution.
Over the years, we learned to design in an
economical and ecological way.

Eco Branding offers you a well-thought communication process.

We choose one

Why we work (hard)

We’re passionate about solving problems through meanfull communications.

Less is more

Eco-designed communication media decreases the use of rough materials;
With Nudge, every message is well-thought and created to be impactful, no need to over compensate.

Build trust

Initiating eco-positive change will inspire trust among all stakeholders. Long-lasting collaborations will result from your nudging intern practices.

Tomorrow starts now

Adopt consistency between your communication and services in order to generate a dynamic of change oriented towards innovation.

Meet our founders

Charline and Katia !

Two complementary co-founders

Charline Noussan and Katia Rahmani met in 2018, talking and dreaming about changing tomorrow.
By your side, it’s may be uthopic, but it is what we are.
Optimistic, hard worker, the K and the C of KeyCee see the big picture though a unique design approach.


Communication, it’s our thing. We take pride that it can effect our behaviors in a good way. We believe sharing strong values can initiate positive change in the world if we work together.

Between Paris and Dubai, our team does its best by sharing our skills around the world as well as creating a universal system for positive communication.

Our motive:

« Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world ».
Margaret Mead

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How we work

Our 3 offers are scalable, ajustable and resolvent.

We do our best to guide and advice your company towards the best choices.
In the process we will work together to improve your results,
attend your needs according to your current challenges.

Tailored is not an option, contact us.

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We don’t give you the fish, we teach you how to fish!

  • Webinars
  • Workshops
  • Teaching supports

Example :
Teach your creative team how to practice eco-branding daily
Initiate your employees to invole Nudge during their process


We support you for find the best way to communicate.

  • Exchanges in collective intelligence around your issues and needs

  • Diagnosis of your current support and existing tools

  • Optimisation recommendations linked to the impact of your communication

  • Synthesis: assessment of the exchanges, contribution of a critical and constructive glance onthe tracks of potential answers


Encourage a dynamic of change within your corporation.

  • Awareness-raising actions

  • Setting up systems

  • Naming, positive wording : impact of the message

  • Solving challenges in a timely manner

  • Project assessment: oral restitution and written report.

  •  …


What they think about us

It’s a great honnor for us to work with such a variety of clients arround the world.